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Guardian Legal Consultants value the relationship that we have with our community. As professionals who are grateful for the opportunities offered to us, we understand that we have a civic duty and responsibility to give back to the community. This is especially true in the legal context, where many who require access to justice are unable to afford legal advice or representation. Guardian tackles this dilemma in two ways:

First, we offer our services as consultants to those individuals or organizations that do not have the resources to retain a lawyer for full representation. This means that the Guardians will provide insight, strategy, and guidance on what steps are required to tackle their legal issue, in keeping with legislation and case law, so that the clients will be significantly more prepared to navigate complex legal issues without directly retaining a lawyer. These clients would also be in a better position to make decisions by understanding the obstacles they face, and they would be able to act in a manner that does not jeopardize their rights or claims.

Second, we recognize that certain individuals, groups, and organizations exist solely to make the community better – be it through directly helping those in need, or seeking to alleviate or eliminate what they see as problems or injustices within the community. The Guardians seek to offer a full range of their legal services on a pro bono basis to those that qualify – from document preparation to dispute resolution—in order to support the organizations that make a difference in the community. The Guardians have been proud to work with various religious and community outreach organizations in this regard, and helping these organizations serves as a fundamental component to the Guardian difference.

Pro bono services are not only incorporated into our practice, but into our overarching philosophy as ‘Guardians’. Offering legal services on a pro bono basis is part of our commitment to access justice and to protect and advance the interest of those less fortunate, as well as those who seek to do good.

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