Lawyers offering sensible, affordable, and practical solutions to your legal matters.


Our lawyers provide creative and comprehensive legal advice to businesses, whether they are small start-ups or multi-national corporations.

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Litigation and Disputes

When disputes escalate, our lawyers are equipped to serve clients as zealous advocates in formal court proceedings by offering practical and effective representation.

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Using our vast experience and knowledge of employment law, we provide sound advice to employers and employees of businesses for a range of workplace matters.

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Real Estate

We help clients navigate issues involving real estate, from the purchases and sales of commercial and residential properties to refinancing and mortgages.

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Perlin Bal Figol is a boutique law firm that offers individuals and businesses creative, effective and practical legal solutions across several practice areas. As a full-service firm, we provide consultation and representation in the broad areas of corporate, litigation and dispute resolution, employment and real estate law.


Recent Publications

Corporate Disputes: What are the Shareholders’ Rights?

Disputes within a company are a normal occurrence. Expectedly, not every member involved in a business will see eye-to-eye on every issue. Conflicts can arise from these situations, such as those stemming from management misconduct to personal and management disputes.......

Worker Misclassification Reaches the Golf World

Brooks Koepka’s departure from the Professional Golfer’s Association and his decision to take part in the upcoming LIV golf series marks the most recent chapter in what is expected to be a continued saga between the rival golf tours. Since......

Choosing Between Federal and Provincial Incorporation

Entrepreneurs must make many decisions when looking into establishing their business, and one of these is the decision to incorporate either federally or provincially. Before you make this decision, there are a few things you should consider. This article seeks......

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