The Firm

A Progressive Approach to Law

Perlin Bal Figol is a boutique law firm located in Toronto and New York City that offers individuals and businesses creative, effective and practical legal solutions across several practice areas. As a full-service law firm, we provide representation and assistance in the broad areas of corporate, litigation and real estate law.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional law firms by offering truly bespoke legal services. Our firm understands the importance of innovation and adapting to dynamic client needs, and we reflect this in two ways: client representation and fee arrangements.


We employ a proactive approach – when possible, our firm provides consulting services meant to prepare clients with the necessary understanding of the law and create a comprehensive plan to navigate situations without the need for formal representation. By doing so, we can help clients avoid the stressful aspects of the legal system. When litigation becomes necessary, our firm represents clients as passionate and effective advocates in both informal negotiations and formal court proceedings.


Our firm offers flexible pricing options. Depending on the circumstances, clients may select from the options of flat fees, hourly rates, or contingency fees arrangements. The flat fee option may be attractive to budget-conscious clients as it mitigates the uncertainty of legal fees getting out of hand. We understand that fee predictability is an important factor to clients, yet it is a feature of the industry that is in need of improvement. We offer these fee structures with the interests of the client in mind.