Employment Law

Using our vast experience and knowledge of employment law, we provide sound advice to employers and employees of businesses for a range of workplace matters.


  • 8 Best Practices to Head off Problems with IP Reps and Warranties

    Many companies, particularly those in the tech sector, are built with their eventual sale in mind. And on the way, those same companies often need to raise capital from professional investors. In both of these situations, the necessary transaction documents......

  • Covid-19: Can I Layoff My Employees?

    For many businesses the onset of Covid-19 has resulted in loss of work, cancellation of contracts and in some cases even a cessation of all business activity. Most of us are familiar with layoffs in the context of a unionized......

  • Employment Agreements Protect Against Liability and Greater Expense

    A common misconception amongst business owners is that employment agreements with employees aren’t necessary because all legal rights are set out in the Employment Standards Act 2000 (ESA). The ESA outlines the minimum standards that employees and employers must follow in......